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In “Over and Over”, Newcastle’s Kay Greyson makes you “feel real good”

An artist from a young age, Kay Greyson quickly garnered a reputation across Tyneside as an artist unafraid of spitting her truth, regardless of who it may offend. Meshing modern bass-heavy pop instrumentation with the lyrical dexterity of a young...
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Jacquard Looms redefine themselves on moving new single “Where I Belong”

“Where I Belong” is a far cry from the band's previous, more hip-hop orientated work; which was especially prominent with the release of last year's Too Cold 2 Snow EP. Minimal in its instrumentation and driven by haunting, harmonized, echoed...
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Prima Queen mark their signing to Nice Swan Records with the groove-laden “Chew My Cheeks”

A lot has changed in Prima Queen’s recent history. Upon releasing their debut single “Milk Teeth”, the band joined The Big Moon’s sold-out UK tour, took to the stage at Green Man Festival with their two new members, and have...
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Madeline questions false intentions on brand new single “Nice”

Raised in Dallas, Madeline’s been entranced by music as the universal language ever since she was a child. Writing her first lyrics at 16, she realised a passion for songwriting that would propel her from high school stage in Texas...
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Etta Marcus and Matt Maltese hit an emotional high on “Salt Lake City”

Marcus’ home is in Brixton, London, but you wouldn’t know it listening to "Salt Lake City". Aside from the obvious hint in the title, her sound is soaked in sprawling Americana and a sensual timelessness that transcends location. Though only...
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Fana Hues is a limitless powerhouse on “Pieces”

Fana Hues has carved a limitless career for herself since releasing her debut single, “Notice Me”, in 2020. It’s taken a hot minute to get to this point though. In her childhood, growing up in Pasadena, California, Hues fought a...
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