Adeline links with KAMAUU for soulful new single “Stages”
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  • Post published:14/09/2021
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A creative multi-hyphenate, “Stages” finds Adeline at her most self-assured, oozing with positive power and playful ease. While she was once the frontwoman for the American nu-disco band Escort, she seamlessly removes the weight of previous hype and steps out on a journey that keeps listeners entertained from the very first seconds of her track’s introductory percussion.

Joining forces with regular collaborator KAMAUU, for which she produced the rapper’s 2020 single “Mango” under her production moniker, Nightshade, “Stages” sees Adeline adopting groovy melodies against assertive vocals. Flirting with a blend of jazz, soul, and R&B, the pair deliver a smooth flow that perfectly complements the track.

Speaking further on the upcoming EP, Adeline shares “Adi Oasis is the artist who has been growing inside of me. Creating this EP during one of the weirdest times in our modern history — not just the pandemic, but these difficult political times, global warming, our ongoing struggle against racism, etc. — has helped me find a deeper meaning for why I make music and what being an artist means to me.”

“Music is my oasis, the stage is my oasis, the studio is my oasis. No matter what is going on in the world, I can always find a magical place to go to. No matter how dry the world surrounding me can be, I know where to find a source of fresh water and a fertile ground where plants grow. And that’s within me. Adi Oasis is inside of me.”

Complete with feel-good choirs and funk-infused baselines and accompanied by a stellar ‘70s-tinged video, “Stages” feels much like a glimpse into Adeline’s oasis, an invitation to escape the dry world for a moment.

“Stages” and the EP, Adi Oasis, are both out now via Unity Records. Find Adeline on Instagram.

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