audiobooks announce second album with opening track “The Doll”
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  • Post published:25/05/2021
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“The Doll” marks the duo’s first new release since 2019, and is accompanied by a video directed by Paul Kelly.

Wrench says of the video, “I had the idea for “The Doll” video while out for a walk. I was watching a child walk confidently, checking their surroundings, taking it all in. I started to recall how the world used to look as a child. I was lucky to grow up in the countryside and to be able to walk alone in nature. My father was a sportsman (he won a Commonwealth medal for Wales for Weightlifting) and a PE teacher, so I used to go with him and spend time in empty sports venues. There is a special atmosphere to places built for crowds when they are empty. It struck me that a video based on a child exploring these empty spaces and finding something that had been lost would make a really fitting film for our track “The Doll”.”

Astro Tough will follow Audiobooks‘ 2018 debut album Now! (In A Minute).

Wrench adds of the album, “The first album was a photograph of the beginnings of the project, recorded without any overall plan. Astro Tough is more scripted, but a script that still allowed for lots of improvised scenes. There was more intention behind the songs, and a lot more refining. We weren’t precious about everything being spontaneous and a first take, like on the first record, even though some of it ended up being that. We made a lot more material for this record but chose the tracks that best worked together as an album.”

Ling says, “We had much less time together than on the first record, but every time I did see David that thirst and the ability to come up with something was there. I think this record is better than the first record, and I think we’re dying to make more. We’re going to try and better it again.”


  1. The Doll
  2. LaLaLa It’s The Good Life
  3. The English Manipulator
  4. He Called Me Bambi
  5. Blue Tits
  6. First Move
  7. Driven By Beef
  8. Trouble In Business Class
  9. Black Lipstick
  10. Farmer
“The Doll” is out now. audiobooks’ Astro Tough album will arrive via Heavenly Recordings on 1 October, and is available to pre-order now.

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