Banji serve up a funk-filled breakfast with new track “Cornflakes”
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  • Post published:26/04/2022
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While still in the infancy of their discography, Banji are quickly establishing themselves as unorthodox wunderkinds in the indie-pop scene. Their new single “Cornflakes” is a quirky track, heavily laden with squelchy bass, crunchy percussion, and all the snap, crackle and pop of your favourite childhood cereal.

Contrasting easy listening with somewhat heavy themes, vocalist Morris explains how the single is an exploration of the pitfalls and pleasures of cravings.

“I’m prone to developing little addictions pretty easily. Just the tiny things that get me through my day. The overall subject turned out to dig a little deeper into my own habits – temptations, quick releases, and, with that, carelessness. Always being on the lookout for a little bit more than what you already have.”

“Cornflakes| plays around the idea of wants and whims and the notion we are all too familiar with “too much of a good thing”. Morris continues, “Enticement can lead you to concentrate on the wrong things, and make you forget that you always have a choice. Because, if these dependencies develop on a bigger scale, they can have a significant impact on the people around you, and cause you to put up a front.

“Hiding behind it for the sake of someone else. I was noodling around with these ideas, using metaphors and different voices to inhabit the lines in the song” – a gentle reminder of how our actions have their consequences and dependencies can prove dangerous, wrapped up in a package of slick synths, layered vocals, and an infectious groove.

Perhaps this is indicative of the Banji signature – an almost childishly joyous and playful feel to their sound grounded by a mature commentary on the nature of life, choice and relationships.

If there’s one thing this quirky quartet will never do, it’s bore their listeners. With their almost Willy Wonka level of wonder, Banji bring an experimental take on indie-pop, including all the bells and whistles you could wish for.

The group’s intricate, complex, and labyrinthine soundscape is set to be showcased on their upcoming debut album Freshcakes, with almost hyper momentum. “Banji’s songwriting has always reflected my surroundings and environment. The big themes of this album are struggling with adulthood, self-worth and self-esteem, mental health and frustrations, addiction, and finding your own self-discipline and maturity over time.”

“At a young age, I’ve learned to use music as an output for frustration and stress. The main thing that I wanted to do with this record was find a place for those feelings and letting them go, kind of like therapy in a way.”

Like a hearty breakfast, the aptly named “Cornflakes” will have you feeling ready to take on the day and perhaps even the world.

“Cornflakes” is out now with the debut album Freshcakes set to release on 14 October via PIAS. Find Banji on Instagram and catch them live at Laylow on 19 May.

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