Deanna Devore drops silky late-night single “Need To Know” featuring D.Lylez
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  • Post published:06/08/2021
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Deanna Devore touches on a catalogue of genres making the self-performed and produced “Need To Know” a tasty musical cocktail. It’s dripping in lo-fi ambience and touches of chill-hop, R&B, neo-soul, jazz and even subtle hints of orchestral moments.

“Need To Know” speaks on the notion of missing someone and the nostalgia that comes flooding back when you think of them. The track details the thoughts and feelings of yearning to know if that special someone is thinking about you too.

Lending a velvety helping hand, D.Lylez’s silky smooth tones are enriched in a stunning dynamic flare. This is the second time Devore and D.Lylez have collaborated together, with their previous track “Lately” following a similar path of laid-back, neo-soul dreaminess.

“I absolutely love having D.Lylez on my music,” shares Devore. “This is the second time he’s been featured on one of my songs and there will be more to come. His voice is incredible and he’s just the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”

The production on “Need To Know” is polished perfection. Amongst the calm soundscape, a soft touch seeps through the tender synths and rippling electro melodies. The essence of chill-hop keeps the track in a sweet spot of energy, giving a romantic flavour, while the dreamy feel serves the lyrics, playing out a sonic story to coincide with the message of the track. “Need To Know” allows you to unwind in the mystical neo-soul, jazz-flushed magic.

“Need To Know” is out now via Double D Records. Find Deanna Devore on Instagram, and D.Lylez on Instagram.

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