Eccentric trio Noir Disco improvise their way to new heights with freeform debut NOW! 2073
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  • Post published:04/12/2021
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It’s truly hard to pinpoint specific moments on this abstract body of music, as songs merge into each other while the listener is left in an involuntary trance – thinking on their feet, Noir Disco push and pull your auditory sense through their own cosmic journey which is bound to awaken some new tastes.

Crashing symbols, throbbing basslines and ethereal vocals are absorbed into one hyper chilled soundscape for the opener “WORKchangeWORKchange”, but the dynamic nature of NOW! 2073 means that this tone doesn’t stay still for long; energy levels ebb and flow throughout, with deep synths invoking a retro energy on defining bop “Television”, which soundtracks a wavy and distorted DJ set post a long and not-so-innocent night out.

While the band hardly take themselves seriously, meaningful contemplations can be found swirling around rich layers of production, such as lyrics finding comfort in unhealthy addiction and obsession. “Los Angeles” utilises an eccentric environment to manifest a groove that does truly make every person paying attention feel like the main character in their own vigorous journey.

Sonically exploring various facets, you can expect to notice quirky percussion, dance verses, spoken word segments and sharp dives into rock that make the flamboyant voyage hard to define. There’s even a three-song continuous journey that proves the sheer power of the animated and occasionally cartoonish moods generated here.

Peaking with charged vibes that instil an unnatural mental high, this twisted record never lets you get too settled and, frankly, isn’t for the faint of heart. However, for those with a warped ear this is the delightful gem you’ve been waiting for. An ambitious mix of sonic weight classes, a subtle sprinkling of genuine meaning that’s easy to miss amongst a circus of exuberant distractions, and undeniable fun – strap in tight, folks.

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