Fuzzy-pop newcomer Sukie shares playful and poignant new single “Honey Puff”
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  • Post published:28/04/2021
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Taking on a topic that is still taboo to a lot of young people, “Honey Puff” begins to unpack the realities of working a minimum wage job, budgeting and awkward conversations with parents who are yet to realise how drastically different the financial landscape is today.

“[It’s] about growing up in a world where living prices are going up and minimum wage is staying low. So many people I knew from school are having kids and I still feel like a kid myself,” Sukie explains. Growing up on the outskirts Manchester – before heading to the South West for university where she made her debut EP Feliz Cumpleaños Baby! – Sukie is now based in Bath where she’s been holed-up making music throughout lockdown.

One listen to “Honey Puff” will tell you everything you need, as Sukie’s candid lyricism is very matter-of-fact. A highly personal track it reflects on moments like “trying to explain to your dad why you’re working a minimum wage job even though you just graduated from uni. Why you’re skint even though you’re working 45 hours a week [and you] can’t even justify buying myself Morrisons own-brand custard creams for 50p and the world is telling me I should be saving for a house.”

Hey Cutie will also feature “Pink”, another slice of lo-fi bedroom pop, but it’s “Honey Puff” which Sukie describes as “the softest song” in the collection. There are brighter songs to come too, noting Britney Spears and Madonna as huge inspirations, expect Sukie to drop more sparkling pop deconstructed through her captivating hazy lens.

“Honey Puff” is out now, Hey Cutie drops 18 June. Follow Sukie on Instagram.

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