GOAT announce new compilation with closing song “Queen of the Underground”
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  • Post published:06/07/2021
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“Queen of the Underground” is the first new release of 2021 from the Swedish masked collective, and also doubles up as the group’s lead single from their upcoming rare and unreleased tracks compilation Headsoup.

Headsoup will follow GOAT‘s 2016 album Requiem, and will feature material spanning the group’s career, including b-sides, standalone singles, unreleased songs and more.

“Queen of the Underground” is one of two brand new tracks to feature on the album, alongside “Fill my Mouth”.


  1. The Sun and Moon
  2. Stonegoat
  3. Dreambuilding
  4. Dig my Grave
  5. It’s Time for Fun
  6. Relax
  7. Union of Mind and Soul
  8. The Snake of Addis Adaba
  9. Goatfizz
  10. Let it Burn (Edit)
  11. Friday Pt.1
  12. Fill my Mouth
  13. Queen of the Underground
“Queen of the Underground” is out now. GOAT’s Headsoup compilation will land via Rocket Recordings on 27 August, and is available to pre-order now.

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