Julia Wolf is ready to blast misconceptions on new single “Resting B*tch Face: Part 2”
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  • Post published:29/07/2021
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Across the two releases, Wolf documents the ups, downs and misconceptions of unintentionally looking less than impressed by default. The first part dropped last month in partnership with Spotify’s Fresh Finds program – connecting independent artists with more established collaborators – and saw Wolf team up with longtime collaborator and friend Jackson Foote, of pop duo Loote.

As an independent artist Wolf has been on a steady rising trajectory since released her debut single in 2019, then just WOLF. Foote and Wolf have been working together since he heard Wolf performing an early version of her track “Ghost” in a bar in Queens. Having previously met in college, they then reconnected over social media at a time where Wolf had been hopelessly searching for a producer who could bring her songs to life in the way she could hear them in her head.

At the time, Wolf tells us she remembers being broke having just spent the last of her money on a mix which “came back unrecognisable,” but after being in the studio with Foote for one day she knew they were destined to work together. “I didn’t have to nitpick at all,” she laughs, “well that’s what people used to call me, but they just didn’t get it, but with Jackson it was all completely effortless.”

Speaking over Zoom from her bedroom in Queens, where she’s been holed up experiencing the busiest year of her life having dived into music full-time, Wolf fills us in on the concept behind her latest releases. “I wrote an original RBF, just like a regular here in my room, and I wasn’t crazy about it, but Jackson loved it,” she says, noting that the Spotify campaign spurred them onto to revisit that idea.

“It’s such a relatable concept, so we thought what if we revive the RBF concept? So, I just wrote as much as I could here before taking out [my ideas] to LA where Jackson and I worked on it some more.” Splitting out into so many different directions, Wolf decided that there were so many sides to this story she could tell, hence the creation of two separate songs with similar melodies and sounds, but alternate narrative arcs.

“This one really focuses on explaining myself,” Wolf says, “I’ve been told I have a resting bitch face my entire life and how it hinders me from being approachable, which I get, but I wanted people to know… and I’m sure so many girls can relate to being called standoff-ish when it’s really just being shy. Sometimes I’m too nervous to make eye contact, to look up or smile, people need to know that the girl that’s doing that is not a bitch.”

Embracing her nervousness and anxiety “Part 2” sees Wolf fiercely declare she won’t change for anyone. “There are things I can work on,” she admits, “but I’m still not going to change myself just to please someone else’s ego, I’m still going to do me.” “Part One” on the other hand is more anthemic and empowering, a braggadocious battle cry which highlights the pros.

Wolf remembers times when “being too nice means you get walked over, so when I put on a certain face and I had that attitude, suddenly you people take me more seriously.” Having tried to fix her RBF, with forced smiles and pleasantries, Wolf knows sometimes being yourself is the best option having had her kindness taken advantage of before.

Ready with her armour of attitude and relatable pop, which extends far beyond her latest singles, Wolf’s back catalogue is filled with bops polished to perfection from the charm of the Italian-inflected “In My Way” to sleeper-hit-in-waiting “Hydra”. With her sights set on hitting the road and getting the chance to perform these songs for her growing online fanbase, her setlist will already be stacked, but of course, the new music which is just around the corner is sure to make the cut.

“Resting B*tch Face: Part 2” is out now. Find Julia Wolf on Instagram.

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