love and other disasters is a triumphantly messy celebration of life
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  • Post published:09/06/2021
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However, as the Norwegian singer announces her first full-length album, love and other disasters, something seems to have changed. This time around we hear from a more confident iris – one who shouts about her vulnerabilities and celebrates rather than berates her imperfections.

Whereas the iris of a few years ago would have tentatively tip-toed towards such a bold-sounding album, there’s no such hesitation now. In a sense, given that this album was produced with Askjell Solstrand, who helped bring fellow Norwegian stars AURORA and Sigrid into the limelight, that’s no surprise. But listen after listen proves that this album is no manufactured effort.

Notably, there’s absolutely no hiding behind an artistic filter here. It’s a deliberate decision which makes love and other disasters such a joy to listen to. Whether she’s catastrophising on the dream-like “crawl for me”, or celebrating her sexuality on the bombastic “la petit mord” (featuring fellow Nordic newcomer ur Monarch), iris remains faultlessly genuine throughout. “I often feel my writing is over the top but it’s also honest. I love making fun of trying to be a cliche, smoking vogue cigarettes and walking around being a dramatic mess,” she explains.

There are still moments of fragility, highlighted by the spine-tingling lead single “Lavender and Heaven” and the all-consuming remake of “your mind, the universe”, which showcase iris’ masterful ability to recognise that loving too hard is sometimes worth it in the end.

As a celebration of life that’s unapologetically messy, love and other disasters is triumphant in its approach, and one that’s best enjoyed with the whole-hearted enthusiasm it was created with.

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