Lucy Blue gets poetic about loneliness on “First Man On The Moon”
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  • Post published:10/11/2021
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19-year-old Lucy Blue’s contemporary soul is formed by blending classic influences with a distinguishable edge. Raised with an admiration for legendary songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison, she also looked to artists like Gwen Stefani and Debbie Harry; who left Blue feeling empowered.

Today, her music lands closer to the sonic worlds of PJ Harvey, Lana Del Rey, and Frank Ocean – three disparate yet monumental artists of their time who align in turning themes like heartbreak into a cathartic release.

“Taxi Driver” put Lucy Blue on the map and saw the first of many co-write spots from her collaborator and friend, Matt Maltese. On the track, Blue’s soft-Dublin accent monologues a journey of infatuation while creating an audio-visual narrative for the senses. Whether it be the “kind of weather” or “switching off the payment meter”, she constructs a world seen through rose-tinted glasses while feeling extremely candid.

“It just helps me so much with music,” Lucy shares. “I need to tie what I’m hearing to an image. It helps my brain.”

Soon, a full body of work took shape and was released in the form of her debut EP Fishbowl. A meta take on outgrowing your environment, Lucy explores notions of coming-of-age, identity, nostalgia, and independence across five swooning tracks.

Now, Blue’s latest single “First Man On The Moon” is built around hazy sonics. A simple piano melody communicates her feelings effectively: feeling lonely in the busiest of places upon a trip to London. While it’s a larger-than-life metaphor, it’s an instance of clarity for Blue, rooted in the most overwhelming of human experiences.

The accompanying music video expresses Blue’s duality as she is seen fitted in a full NASA astronaut suit while tiptoeing around an empty athletics racetrack. “I don’t get homesick / Just sick of never feeling at home” she delicately sings while her cinematic impulses continue.

“’First Man On The Moon’ was one of the first songs I wrote after coming to London,” shares Lucy. “Everything felt so new and this song just feels like one stream of consciousness from start to finish. I was thinking that I should have felt homesick but I didn’t. For as long as I can remember, I was ready to leave home and see what was out there.”

“I thought coming to London would make me feel more understood and less like an outcast but in ways it made me feel more alone. This song is me trying to understand that. I’ve always been obsessed with space too. The thought of being the first man on the moon felt like the loneliest way to describe this feeling. There are times when I was sure I felt as lonely as he must have felt. There’s nowhere as lonely as the moon when you think about it.”

“I hope this song can make people who’ve felt a little homesick (even at home) feel a bit better, cause it doesn’t always feel like that.”

“First Man On The Moon” is out now. Find Lucy Blue on Instagram.

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