Mabes taps into the nostalgia of first love in feel-good pop offering “Radio”
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  • Post published:18/07/2021
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Written about the experience of hearing a song that transports you back in time to a past relationship frozen in fond memories, “Radio” showcases Mabes’ ability to connect intimately with listeners through her simple yet impactful lyricism. Her refined vocals blend seamlessly with the easy-going groove of the track despite the potent power behind it, and we see the Mabes’ songwriting blossom in the nostalgia.

With versatile musicality and a youthful vibrance that sees her Essex spirit meeting Nashville charm, Mabes switches effortlessly into the mellow and carefree touch of this latest offering from the upbeat stylings of previous single “Sugarush”, and from the anthemic feel of her other release today, “Lonely Nights”, where she tackles a breakup song in a new light.

Having first picked up a guitar at the age of 15, Mabes now crafts irresistibly catchy soundscapes built on a foundation of honest songwriting. Fuelled by her lifelong obsession with Nashville folklore, she has grown leaps and bounds, honing her unique brand of pop and making her way to international acclaim.

“I wrote ‘Radio’ about hearing a song that takes you back years… in this instance it reminds me of a past relationship that I look back on fondly” says Mabes. “The lyrics mention how I always skip this song, but I hear it in the back of a taxi and it’s in my head for ages reminding me of that past love.”

“Radio” is out now via The Other Songs. You can find Mabes on Instagram.

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