MEI finds peace on delicate and melodic offering “Happy Man”
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  • Post published:15/07/2021
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Written and produced by MEI alongside an all-female team, this slow-burn is woven with her signature bass line and soft vocals. Building upon layers of intricate instrumentation, gentle horns and textured beats, it simmers with quiet empowerment as the multi-talented artist reflects on the love and loss of accepting the chasm left by a person no longer in your life and learning to move on.

“This song is straight from the deepest part of my heart to whoever has reached a place of acceptance after losing someone,” explains MEI. “I’m really grateful to the incredibly talented women that helped me bring this song to life with their gifts. I hope it moves you.”

The single is released alongside a video directed by Tom Ringsby and filmed in Deptford Creek, which sees MEI standing in the water. The audial and visual journey pulls listeners through the highs and lows of life mirrored in the fluidity and adaptability of the water in the creek. With the upcoming EP this summer, this healing offering is only a glimpse of MEI’s versatility and musicianship.

“I first walked past Deptford Creek on one of my daily walks during the first lockdown and it became a habitual visit,” Ringsby says of the visual. “The city was empty so seeing the creek change between high and low tides was a useful reminder that the world’s still spinning. MEI sent me the demo for ‘Happy Man’ just as my own relationship was ending and I immediately wanted to show her the creek”.

“Happy Man” is out now. Find MEI on Instagram.

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