Orion Sun deep dives into her emotions on “dirty dancer”
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  • Post published:18/02/2022
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The moniker of Tiffany Majette, Orion Sun has always created languid music that transcends limitation. While music icons like Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder, and Lauryn Hill were mainstays in her childhood, she carves out her own nuances in emotional storytelling.

In 2017, her debut mixtape A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams hit Soundcloud – later making its way onto Spotify – and showcased Majette’s seamless writing, producing, and performing ability. There’s a plucking introduction (“Orion”), masterful interludes (“Waiting in the Car”), and the project also holds her most favoured work to date, “Antidote”. Telling the story of escapism via a summer fling, it’s a near-flawless exemplar of imagery and introspection, which paved the way for 2020’s Hold Space For Me – a record that sees Orion Sun rap, lullaby, and meander in equal measure.

Now, the Getaway project continues her refusal to be pigeonholed; formed out of her reflections on self-discovery. Unfurling slowly with “dirty dancer”, Orion dwells in feelings of inadequacy as she sways through soft and uniquely undefinable tones of R&B and neo-soul. She lists off waiting at the corner, the red light, crosswalk, in line, at the grocery store, and for an Uber, for her unrequited love in the first verse – a list that only escalates as she longs to become “the one you want to dance with.”

Speaking on the track, Orion Sun shares “”dirty dancer” is about feeling like you’re not good enough. The thought can really consume your mind. It’s about working on my shit for me, but also so I can love the best way I can, not just the best way I know how.”

Accompanied by a striking music video, directed by Courtney Loo, Orion is choreographed amongst a muted palette and flowing states as she embodies her renewed motivation and introspection. The final moment zooms out to reveal a static motorbike against a moving tunnel backdrop, a metaphor for her grounded yet effervescent state.

“dirty dancer” is out now with the new project Getaway set for release on 11 March via Mom + Pop. Find Orion Sun on Instagram.

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