PRONOUN ushers in new era with the angsty “I WANNA DIE BUT I CAN’T (CUZ I GOTTA KEEP LIVING)”
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  • Post published:26/04/2021
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Her first release since debut album i’ll show you stronger, the self-produced track sees Vellturo surround herself in melodrama and catharsis as she lets it all out in three minutes of controlled chaos. Louder, bolder, and more confident than ever, “I WANNA DIE BUT I CAN’T” is a rallying cry to find the energy to carry on. A self-motivation anthem.

Written before the pandemic, Vellturo explains “[it’s] is about the uncomfortable feeling that everyone around you is growing into their own lives while I feel like nothing’s changing within myself.”

Drawing on other uncomfortable feelings like “not wanting to be on this planet, but knowing I really have to put in effort and figure out how to make life work for me,” the driving force of the track’s production hints that Vellturo is well on her way to working that out.

The five-track EP is set to showcase the evolution of the PRONOUN sound and how isolation and working alone has manifested itself into a fuller, more cohesive sound. With shoegaze and Vellturo’s life-long love of emo as her guiding light, OMG I MADE IT proves Vellturo’s bedroom must be massive if she can make music that sounds this big in it.

OMG I MADE IT is out 11 June via Wax Bodega. Follow PRONOUN on Instagram.

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