Singer-songwriter Billie Flynn exhibits vulnerability on new single “Hey Stranger”
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  • Post published:17/07/2021
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Cornwall-based artist Billie Flynn displays her disposition towards tender, melancholic arrangements backed by reposeful yet inviting vocals on new single “Hey Stranger”. Recorded in her home studio, this favorable introduction serves as a first glimpse into her yet-to-be-titled forthcoming EP.

“Hey Stranger” is tranquil in nature and flows with emotional subtlety, but Flynn’s minimalistic approach isn’t as simple as one may think; the track goes through a beautiful metamorphosis as listeners witness a fascinating sonic conversion take place.

“I wanted to stay quite organic with the sound as I always really love being able to hear the lyrics at the forefront,” she shares. “I’ve always been so inspired by Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones, so I’ve definitely taken inspiration from their styles, and then when it came to recording I was listening to both Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift’s new albums.

“I fell in love with the kind of soundscapes they were making, so those were the sort of reference points I used when it came to my own sound. Obviously then working with JMAC (Rosie Carney, Haux) on the production, he really brought the tracks to life and took all of my inspirations to get to where we are now”.

Flynn’s vocals are threaded through the atmospheric synth-tinged arrangements with delicacy and warmth, the perfect embodiment of a song associated with the sudden vulnerability one encounters when they cross paths with someone that’s been out of their life for some time.

“I wrote this song a few years ago now and I always knew I wanted it to be the first track I officially released,” explains Flynn. “I dreamt the scenario of seeing somebody that is no longer in your life, and having the hope that they would be proud of who you are now. And that you have lived up to whoever they thought you might be. This song is a real piece of my heart and I am equally terrified and excited for people to hear it”.

Plus recently being signed to fellow singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin’s label Never Fade Records was a dream come true for the young talent, who began her musical endeavors gigging in her mid teens. “Gabrielle has been a huge inspiration to me as a young female songwriter and to sign a record deal alone would feel crazy, but to join the incredible Never Fade family is an absolute dream come true. (15 year old me is screeching)”.

“Hey Stranger” is avaialble now on Never Fade Records. Follow Billie Flynn on Instagram.

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