Spencer. chases unrequited love in soulful new single “Lonely As I Ever Was”
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Positioned in the well-known centre of cultural and creative diversity, Spencer. is a central character in the inclusive, close-knit and expanding community that boasts an array of flourishing talent. Between the brownstone walls, Spencer. self-released an array of home recordings in 2018, including his debut EP Want U Back. Propelled further into the spotlight with the recent single “Automatic”, the track has since been subject to a remix from acclaimed singer and producer, Orion Sun.

With its soulful groove and a punchy bassline, “Lonely As I Ever Was” carries a cool charm. Fluidly encompassing the tropes of hip-hop, pop, and funk, Spencer. deploys his silky falsetto vocal before sinking into a manipulated, moody lower register. Yet, behind the perpetually hazy sound is a narrative of addled thoughts.

Funky guitar licks contradict the emotional weight of the track as Spencer. sings of unrequited love. The accompanying video unfurls his heartache as he croons over the girl of his dreams: watching her walk hand in hand with another man, having a Romeo and Juliet-esque balcony scene, and plucking up the courage to approach her in a nightclub by way of liquid confidence. There’s a palpable satire that runs throughout as Spencer. put’s his wayward character front and centre.

“”Lonely As I Ever Was” was the last song I wrote for my record; I even made the outro the same day” explains Spencer.. “The theme of this one is basically from the song ‘Next Lifetime’ by Erykah Badu, and I even reference it in the lyrics. Kinda like being on the other side of her situation, begging someone in a relationship to consider a relationship with you”.

With his debut album Are You Down? set to be released later in the year, Spencer. continues “’Lonely As I Ever Was’ is a great introduction to the themes of my album; and although those themes are more downhearted, it was insanely fun to write and to listen to. For the first single, I wanted something immediate, something to catch your attention while still remaining in the grand world I created for my record. With three distinct sections of this song, I wanted to tell a love story lyrically and sonically that almost everyone can relate to.”

“Lonely As I Ever Was” is out now, with the debut album Are You Down? set for release on 10 September. Find Spencer. on Instagram.

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