Stockholm native Noomi takes a journey of self-discovery on her debut single “Ride”
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  • Post published:26/04/2021
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Noomi, aka 26-year-old Amanda Börjeson, wrote her debut track during an exploratory time of trying to figure things out. “It takes place in the thrill and terror of standing on the brink of a steep precipice looking down, trying to decide if you are going to take the leap or not,” says Noomi, who wrote the track during a time when she’d just about given up on music. “Having reached so many creative dead ends, I really felt stuck, but ironically I think it came about when I stopped trying so hard,” she says. “Writing it was kind of a cathartic experience for me, as everything that came after that felt very different.”

Building in all the right places, the track’s graceful, drawn-out melodies contrast its rapid trip-hop drums. It effortlessly keeps us engaged with, at times, purely beats and vocals through minimalistic production.

The video for “Ride”, directed by Daniel Skoglund, sees Noomi in a surreal world full of standstill pedestrians and sports cars. “We tried to capture the feeling of standing from the outside looking in, where you’ll eventually learn that how you act and what you really yearn for is not in tune with one another, and how that realization is the only way to finally be true to your desires,” says Noomi. Delicately dancing with wind in her hair, Noomi continues the undeniably cool style dressed in trench coats and form-fitting pieces.

A classically-trained folk violinist and vocalist, Noomi fell in love with UK artists such as Massive Attack and Radiohead as a teen, and started expressing herself by creating her own music. She discovered a unique style and talent for melody writing, and signed a songwriting deal with Universal Music Publishing.

“Ride” is out now. Find Noomi on Instagram.

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