Taura Lamb is back with a funky new bop and discovers her own “New Normal”
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  • Post published:15/08/2021
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Even before the pandemic hit, Lamb was struck with nine months of silicone toxicity which caused her joints to be both small and swollen. Her jaw was often too sore to open, let alone sing or talk, so when the tumult of COVID and lockdown took hold, the phrase “new normal” was thrown around as a household name and struck the perfect chord with Lamb’s emotions.

“I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I was in a lot of pain and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to continue with music or sing again,” shares Lamb. “To top it off I was mid break-up and found myself in an extremely low place where I’d laid on the floor and cried so many times that it felt like my new normal.”

“I wrote the lyrics long before the music which is something I’d never done before and have never really done since,” she continues. “Once I could sing again, I set myself this challenge of singing the lyrics as quick as possible, as I hadn’t been able to speak that quickly in so long, and just kept upping the tempo. All these things combined created this pop dance track where the lyrics talked of heartbreak, pain and bad timing, but the music is telling you to dance it off and power on through.”

One wouldn’t presume her background in jazz piano with the bright and funky sound of “New Normal”, but Lamb’s training at Goldsmiths left her in good stead for self-producing her debut EP Lucky Girls in January of last year. Now, launching herself into the post-pandemic world, Taura Lamb is up to the challenge of keeping that momentum going.

“New Normal” is out now. Find Taura Lamb on Instagram.

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