The Cribs drop final Sonic Blew Singles Club release “Things Could Be Better” and “Yellow Venus”
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The Cribs kicked off their four-part Sonic Blew Singles Club releases back in September with “Swinging At Shadows” and “Taken To Tualatin”, and followed the first two tracks with “The Day I Got Lost Again” and “Opaline and Evergreen” in October, and “Sucked Sweet” and “Bad Dream” last month.

Today (10 December) they’ve delivered the fourth and final release of their Sonic Blew Singles Club, which features “Things Could Be Better” and “Yellow Venus”.

Gary Jarman said of “Things Could Be Better”, “This song is a true full-band effort – it required all three of the brothers to make it happen. I originally started work on the track back in 2011, whilst we were writing In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull. It was supposed to be an anniversary present for my wife (who was away on tour at the time). Unfortunately, around that time a friend of ours was involved in an accident and ended up in the ICU, and so I shelved the song indefinitely due to the sad memories that became attached to it.”

“Later, on the last day of the Night Network sessions in LA, Ross insisted that we bring the song back and try recording it last minute before leaving the studio. I was pretty reluctant, but he eventually talked me around,” he continued. “Then, Ryan stepped in and took responsibility for writing the lyrics and singing the lead – and turned it into something way better than I ever could’ve imagined. So, despite spending over a decade gathering dust, I am really proud of how this song eventually came into being. It’s pretty special.”

Each of the Sonic Blew Singles Club releases feature a previously unheard song from their Night Network album sessions, and a home recording from lockdown.

“Things Could Be Better” and “Yellow Venus” are out now. Subscribe to The Cribs’ Sonic Blew Singles Club at

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