The Deep Blue’s “Inside My Head” is an ode to love lost
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  • Post published:21/10/2021
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Manchester-natives The Deep Blue are softly carving out their niche with a uniquely current take on indie-folk. Their focus on three-part harmonies adds effortless depth to every track whilst maintaining the subtlety of their uncomplicated instrumentals.

After releasing tracks “Jealous Sea” and “He Said She Said” last year during the global lockdown, the trio also wrote and recorded material fit for their debut EP alongside producer Alex Quinn.

Now, with “Inside My Head”, The Deep Blue are at their most brooding yet as they reflect on things left unsaid and losing love as a result. The hypnotic harmonies pull the listener into their sonic world while vocals wrap around the gentle strumming of the guitars – layering up to evoke the swirling, overthinking puddle of feelings that The Deep Blue are singing about.

The instrumentals are groovy, but without detracting from the mood set by the vocals – this is a band who are very clever about their construction, and it makes for a captivating listen.

“Too often we don’t let people know how we truly feel and instead we’re left with lingering regret for the one that got away,” the band shares. “Forever holding a candle for someone and wondering if it would have worked out.”

“Recording ‘Inside My Head’ was a dream,” they tell Best Fit. “We all piled into Niamh’s tiny red car and drove a couple of hours out of Manchester to Giant Wafer Studios, hidden away in the luscious valleys of Wales. It was our first time working with Alex Quinn and, I guess, we didn’t know what to expect but 20 minutes in and the ideas were already rolling.”

“I think we worked until about midnight the first day, fuelled by a squillion cups of tea and chocolate digestives (rock’n’roll). Oh, and welsh cakes. When we had the track down we were all dancing around the live room like maniacs. I think we nearly broke the sofa…”

“Inside My Head” is out now via Snide Records. Find The Deep Blue on Instagram.

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