tinyumbrellas navigates wrong impressions in the sweet acoustics of “Please Don’t Make This Weird”
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  • Post published:20/02/2022
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It might seem obvious to suggest that the audio-visual nature of musicianship has blurred lines, but, for tinyumbrellas (also known as DT), this amalgamation is the beating heart of their output. Not only admired for their melodies and gentle vocals, but they also draw inspiration from the transportive worldbuilding of Studio Ghibli to craft greater parables and call to action throughout their tracks – an ecosystem of the natural world, fascination, and adventure.

After sharing their knack for creativity to a supportive community on Instagram and TikTok, DT’s first single, “Stardust”, served as a testament to the intricate world they’ve created. Honing their skills with a ukulele and Garageband on her iPhone, they sing of a rocket-fuelled romance on an upward trajectory – “Not gonna throw away my chances with you / I’m glowing stardust with you”. DT’s creative horizons are equally as far-reaching – whether it be sharing art, mini vlogs, or creating their own merch – and it’s little surprise that the same intricacies find their way into their music. Still, they describe their journey as a “musical glow-up”, which falls further into place with “Please Don’t Make This Weird”.

A defining statement against the awkwardness of unrequited feelings, the track sees tinyumbrellas blend their accustomed four-string riffs with diary-like lyricism and shimmering production, all the while searching for situational closure. “‘Please Don’t Make This Weird’ follows the story of a very relatable situation which I have found myself in more often than I’d like to admit,” they share of the track’s meaning. “It’s about when you meet someone new, and they’re really lovely and you both get along really well, with the exception of one thing – both having opposite ends of the stick.”

“It’s not particularly nice to be on either side of the situation this song talks about, but I feel like if you care about someone enough, a solid and meaningful friendship is just a wonderful thing to be a part of. I wanted this song to highlight the importance of platonic friendship and mutual connection between two people before anything else might potentially happen. All my songs so far seem to tell the story of my coming-of-age, and this one is no different.”

Now 19-years-old, DT is stepping forward with greater assurance in their artistry than ever before.

“Please Don’t Make This Weird” is out now via mango jams x sevenfoursevensix. Find tinyumbrellas on Instagram.

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