Vivii return with the warm and reassuring sounds of Mondays
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  • Post published:30/05/2021
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The point is, on this follow-up album ViVii have taken that dream and run with it, demonstrating yet again what you can achieve with a powerful imagination.

With the harmonious vocals of husband and wife pairing Emil and Caroline Jonsson proving that theirs is a successful partnership in more ways than one, Mondays is a lesson in positivity. Even the album title represents an optimistic outlook: “Mondays have always left a bad taste in our mouths, so by meeting up every Monday in our studio and making music, we made that day the best day of the week. Entering the studio doors equals a safe zone, where everything feels possible and no rules have to be followed in any shape or form.”

Having already been given glimpses of what to expect from Mondays – the shimmering “Summer of 99” came out last year, followed by “Rendezvous”, “Fool Alone” and “Read Between”, and as with these singles, lush minor chords and wistful harmonies form the backbone of Mondays. A sound now instantly recognisable as that of ViVii.

Mondays is an album that leaves you feeling warm and reassured, harking back to the carefree era of the ’60s. Every track forms its own little universe waiting to be explored, but also undeniably part of a more expansive, dreamy multiverse.

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