Wings of Desire explore intensity with exuberance on Amun-Ra
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  • Post published:24/08/2021
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Captivated by the musings of philosophers such as Noam Chomsky they have sought to bring their unique perspective on some of life’s biggest questions – and some of its smaller ones as well. On EP Amun-Ra, the former INHEAVEN duo James Taylor and Chloe Little do an impressive job of merging their sound with resonant themes.

Exuberant opener “Choose A Life” speaks on ideas such as self-love and friendships, before transitioning into its main subject, sparked by the words of thinker Alan Watts: “It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” Certainly not the most popular opinion on the meaning of life but its significance shines through. The duo lament the restrictive cycle that people go through attempting to “succeed” at life.

“Better Late Than Never” dovetails neatly as a follow up to “Choose a Life”. On this second cut the duo repeat the simple chorus, “You’re just getting older” almost as a mantra to subdue the fear of ageing.“Outtamamind” has some energetic string elements, an enthusiastic drum section and a singalong chorus. The EP rounds itself out nicely with “Forgive and Forget” stringing together the duo’s sonic choices.

Set on carving out a very particular niche for themselves, while there’s certainly a missing variation, Wings Of Desire have firmly set their flag down. Amun-Ra is a decent exploration of some very intense themes, a resonant sincerity, and indeed a bold next step in the fascinating journey of this duo.

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